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YOU are the reason job seekers are living full, inclusive lives.

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Your investment is empowering people with disabilities to make their own choices, be leaders of change and have their voices heard.

Giovanni and supervisor

Giovanni’s Story

Mainstay matches job seekers to employers who never thought they would be able to work. Remarkable people like Giovanni. Giovanni, who, for years, was sitting at home and giving up hope, without a purpose to get up in the morning. Giovanni says, “People would see me in my wheelchair and automatically assume I could not do the job.” On his own, Giovanni would fill out applications and try to get interviews for jobs, but he could not even get his foot in the door. That is, until Francis gave him a chance at the City of Seattle, Department of Finance and Administrative Services. Giovanni’s new boss, Francis beams, “Giovanni is a perfect fit!” Giovanni impresses Francis with his work ethic, determination, and stellar attendance. Giovanni feels accepted, part of a team and more simply put – happy.