Degrees and Certificates Offered at Seattle Central

Seattle Central offers a wide variety of degree and certificate programs to help you build a career or transfer to the university of your choice. View the complete list of programs of study on the Seattle Central College Programs website.

Student Support Services and Resources at Seattle Central

To support prospective and current students, Seattle Central provides a broad range of services.

Prospective students who want to explore careers and programs can email the Career Exploration Center to set up an appointment. Learn more about how to enroll in Seattle Central College and follow the New Student Checklist to get set up for the upcoming quarter. Review the comprehensive list of Student Supports & Services to see which services are applicable for you. If you are a current SAILS student, the Academic Coach can help you to identify and connect with the available services.

Helpful Tips and Info for Students

We want to share our favorite resources for high school students, high school graduates, and college students with ASD and other neurodiversities.

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Financial Aid & Scholarships

Post-Secondary Programs

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