Mainstay matches motivated job seekers with disabilities with stellar employers throughout the Greater Puget Sound area. Since 1985, Mainstay at Seattle Central College has been instrumental in creating full, inclusive lives for people with disabilities. We are proud to have served thousands of job seekers preparing for work and achieving the benefits of contribution, status, contribution, power and choice in their lives.

Launched in 2014, SAILS - Supported Academics and Independent Life Skills, has helped students with neurodiverse needs navigate post-secondary academics. With individualized tutoring, time management training, communication facilitation and executive functioning exploration, our SAILS Team have helped students become confident to reach their academic goals.

School-to-Work Transition and Pre-Employment and Training Services (Pre-ETS) help students with disabilities get a jump start on employment. We work with students to start early exploring their bright futures.

Let us help you determine where you fit best!