"My job at Bloodworks Northwest gives me purpose and satisfaction. I am doing something good for my community."

Michael, Client

"During her school years, our daughter’s special needs were well managed. After graduation, it was Mainstay to the rescue! Trained job coaches helped her identify her skills, practice them in a supervised internship, and interview with select employers. Once she was placed in her job, they problem-solved with her on site and coached her supervisors in reinforcing effective routines. Today she is a valued and confident employee, celebrating her tenth anniversary on the job."

Ann Lukens, Parent and Mainstay supporter

"Mainstay’s job coaches are all extremely professional, and we highly recommend Mainstay to anyone who is disabled, wants to work, and desires a productive life."

Irene S., Parent and Mainstay supporter

"David is a productive and tax-paying citizen. None of this would have been possible without the kinds of services that Mainstay provides."

Helen A., Parent and Mainstay supporter

"I am grateful to Mainstay for helping my son find and retain a job. They have been there for him every step of the way. He is nearing his eleventh year (full-time with benefits), which would not have been possible without the help of Mainstay."

Darlene J., Parent and Mainstay supporter

"Thank you for giving our son a chance to show what he is capable of and for providing the guidance and support that only a team such as yours could provide. Words alone will never convey our thanks."

Janelle N., Parent and Mainstay supporter


"Employees at Mainstay are supportive of their clients’ independence. Our organization provides individualized training on public transportation in King County. The Mainstay staff are always very professional and easy to work with in all interactions. Mainstay clients are lucky to have such hardworking and caring people available to assist with employment."

Brian Arthur, Transit Options Program Manager, First Transit, Seattle, WA

"I trust Mainstay to treat my clients with dignity and respect. That trust has always been honored by the staff at Mainstay. Not only that, but the staff is fun, friendly and a pleasure with whom to do business!"

Joy Armstrong, Vocational Counselor, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

"Mainstay is a collaborative partner with the Developmental Disabilities Division. They have created and sustained positive outcomes and meaningful employment opportunities for our mutual clientele. We appreciate their efforts."

Lauren Bertagna, Field Services Administrator, Department of Social and Health Services, Aging and Disability Services Administration, Developmental Disabilities Division