Hiring Great Employees

Let us help you a create inclusive, diverse workplace

Are you looking for dedicated employees? You can count on us to work with you understand the needs of your company. We are ready to bring to you qualified candidates who will make a positive contribution to your workplace.

After you make an offer to a candidate, your Mainstay team will work with you, your new employee, supervisors and their co-workers. We will help your new employee get up-to-speed in their new position and settle in to the job. The result is an employee who deeply appreciates the opportunity to work for you, develops great pride in what they do and enjoys being a valuable member of your team. During the tenure of their job, our support services are available to you and your employee.

Questions about job placement, tax benefits, the American Disabilities Act, in-services or situation-specific training? Contact Us.

Click to hear from Seattle-area business leaders. Discover why it makes good business sense to employ people with disabilities.

No-fee service for employers

Mainstay’s individualized services are free for employers. Our partnerships with various funding sources make it possible to provide training and support. This ensures continued success on the job. Since 1980, Mainstay has helped hundreds of job seekers become happily employed.